Sew on sunday girls

Additional Information


This  Neighborhood Group is a mix of experienced and new sewers who come  together to have a good time working on small projects. Typically, we  sew a project we can finish during our two-hour meeting. We love sewing  and we love to share ideas, so the show and tell part of the meeting is  inspirational

We take turns leading a  project. Occasionally, we do something different like take a field trip  or go on an expedition to an uncharted sewing frontier. If we are making  something that a member is not interested in making, she will often
come  anyway, just for the chance to hang out with sewing friends and see  what they are doing. We are very lucky to have an ideal spot for our  meetings—the Midway library where we have a room flooded with natural  light, and plenty of tables and outlets. We would love for you to join  us.